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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ike Kinswa State Park

Ike Kinswa State Park is only two miles from where we are staying this summer so it may be a place we go hiking. But it sounds like there is only this one trail.
I need to find out what this white stuff on the tree is called. It looks like someone dripped white wax on it. We had seen this on one tree in the redwoods at Stout Grove too.

The trail is nice and is slightly inclined.
There are a few offshoots that go down to the river. Notice the mossy tree.
Well this is still Mayfield Lake but it's the arm where the Tilton River feeds into it.
This snail crossing the trail faired better than its cousin --- crunch.
There were many muddy spots on the trail and we finally turned around because it was too muddy to continue. This isn't the muddiest spot.
This is the muddiest spot that we actually got around. First we walked on fallen logs beside the trail...
Then we did a little stepping off the trail into the bushes....
Oops! Just about got a mud bath there...
Yes we both made it through upright.
Down at the lake, people we setting up for a race. It was held the next day in the pouring rain. We went into town and crossed the lake where they were racing. Didn't look like fun to me but I suppose people said the same thing when we were riding motorcycles in the rain. Sometimes you do what you gotta do...

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