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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Drive to Long Beach, WA

Today we took the car to Long Beach, WA via Hwy 6. Along the way we ran through areas where trees lined the roads....
and places where it was fairly open.
We saw many hills where the trees had been cut and new ones planted.

Of course we saw many logging trucks along the way.

There were several narrow bridges that I'm sure the truckers pray that they don't meet another truck on.
A clear cut area that hadn't been cleaned up and re-planted.
I don't know if this area had been cut and not harvested or if the trees had been felled by wind.
After we got on Hwy 101 going south we crossed this bridge over an arm of Willapa Bay. The bridge curves on the west end.

We ran along Willapa Bay for quite a few miles.
Finally we made it to Long Beach.
We found a parking place at a beach access.
This is one fishy bicycle rack. It looks like they need to clear away some sand so it can be used. There were several of these in the beach area.
We walked south on the boardwalk and read the interpretive signs as we went.

Love the tsunami hazard symbol. Run, Dude, Run!!!

Here's what the tsunami evacuation route signs looked like. We saw a lot of these along the road to Long Beach. Then we would see one with an arrow pointing up a narrow logging road. Hey any high spot would be good even if the road there to it is rough!

I don't know if these were hotel rooms or condos but they sure aren't on the beach. Guests would get the view and the blowing sand but have to walk a distance to get in the water.
The wind was blowing and sand was in the air. You can really see it in this photo.

Double click to enlarge so it is big enough to read.

This is looking at the bottom of the head.
Huge vertebrae for a "sub-adult" whale, huh?
Notice the color of the sand. The sail-type structure in the lower right corner is a shelter around a picnic table.
Double-click to read the explanation for the color.
Like most places around here - "Lewis and Clark were here".

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