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Friday, May 01, 2009

Harmony Lakeside RV Park

Our home for this summer is Harmony Lakeside RV Park by Mossyrock, WA.
Office and restrooms.
Our site under the trees.
It was raining the day we came in and we tracked lots of mud and debris into the trailer so I put out a board walk. I think we will get some more gravel on our site so we can take up the boards.
This stump is by the back side of our trailer and I think it needs a flowering plant on it. I tried this pot on for size.
This tree with ferns growing up its trunk is also along the side of our trailer.

The side of the trailer where the stump and fern tree are located.
Lots of the trees in the park have grown on fallen logs.
Just a good example of a mossy tree and ferns.
Some flowering bushes with one of the clubhouses and a corner of the other in the background.
Same flowering bushes looking the opposite direction so you see the large stump in the background.
Looks like one fallen log had a lot of trees grow on it.

This stump was high but it still had a tree grow on top of it.

There are lots of sculptures and a few totem poles in the park.
There is a koi pond by the office and it has two sculptures and a totem pole by it.

Still the koi pond by the office.
Yes there are plenty of koi in this pond and the pond at the back of the property. One of the projects is to clean up both of them and replace pumps.

We can see the lake from our bathroom window but we don't have one of the lakeside sites.

These are lakeside sites. Many of the sites have wooden divider fences between them.

There are two levels to the park. We are on the top level. There are seven sites, horseshoe pits and a volleyball court on the lower level. The land in between is terraced and is planted with flowers and flowering bushes.
Taken from the lower level looking towards the terraced gardens and the upper campground.
Then you can walk on down to the docks at the lake. There are several places to do this and two of them have stairs instead of a path.

5-21-09 - Updated photo of our site. It quit raining enough to get the bikes out but we still haven't ridden them. We now have more gravel on the site.
The trees are constantly shedding stuff and our vehicles get covered with it. This time a tree shed a bit of moss so the car has a top knot.

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