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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Silver City, NM

Silver City Museum is housed in the historic H.B. Ailman House.

This cooper specimen came from the Santa Rita cooper mine in the 1940's.
Silver City stores were generally 25' wide and 100' deep.

This ornate cash register was used for many years by the E. Cosgrove Hardware Store in downtown Silver City. Four cash drawers were installed in its oak base.

We hiked Boston Hill.
Views of Silver City from Boston Hill
This was labeled a "mine feature". I don't know if it was an access place or what but I couldn't see the bottom of this deep hole.
There are lots of interesting rocks on this hill.
Nolan took this cool photo of a plant. I don't know if this is its "flower" or just different foliage.

An area that had been excavated. It's probably 80' down.

This horned lizard, also called a horned toad, ran across in front of me. It stayed real still while we took photos.
Another very interesting rock.
One of the many cholla that grow on the hill.
Coming down the hill

Proof that this area was once part of a big inland sea.
Another interesting rock.

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