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Sunday, October 12, 2008

City of Rocks State Park

City of Rocks State Park is by Faywood, NM. They had this nice little botanical garden and some of the plants had markers by them so we could find out what they were.
We walked the trail throught the middle of the park.
The next few photos explain how the rocks were formed.

Dang this one "watched" us go by.
They had a nice campground. The RV sites were off to the east but tent sites and picnic areas were among the rocks.

There were lots of balanced rocks like this.
This plant is a Wheeler Sotol

Ok use your imagination here. Doesn't this look like a clenched fist to you?
The place for the tent is a flat grassy area in the rocks.
The "king" found a throne.

The RV park had pull thru sites but they didn't have a sewer hookup. Only the hosts had sewer hookups. Notice the rock in the left background. That's a fisted hand with one finger pointed up.
This tree was covered by these black beetles that flew.

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