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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Peninsula State Park - Door County, WI

Peninsula State Park, north of Fish Creek, WI in the Door County Peninsula, was established in 1909.  It has 8 miles of Green Bay shoreline, forests, wetlands, meadows and 150' high dolostone cliffs.  There are 468 campsites in the park but we didn't stay here.
We were here to hike and decided to do the Minnehaha trail.  Once we got to the parking area, Nolan said we should take the Eagle Trail and I am so glad we did.

The trail is described as a 2 mile, steep, rocky descent to Eagle Bay and it starts dropping right away.
Once we got to the lower slopes, there were a few places with boardwalks.

You really had to watch where you stepped so you didn't twist an ankle.

Once we got down to shore level there weren't very many places were you could actually get to the water.

Horseshoe Island

Then we got to the rocky section where we had to climb up and down to navigate the path.

Here you can see two levels of cliffs.  See the upper ones in the tree break?

Then we get to the place where the cliffs are very high and sometimes overhanging the trail.

The trail had collapsed here.  There was even a sign that had fallen down the slope.

A dead tree had fallen over still gripping a boulder it had grown around.

Time to start the climb back to the top.

The trail goes part way up then turns to the right.  See the blue sign on the tree?

Once back up to the road, we stopped at Eagle Terrace.

The tower is now considered unsafe to climb and it may be dismantled.

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