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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass - Neenah, WI

First off, none of these photos do justice to the glasswork.  The best you can do viewing this post is to click on each photo to enlarge it.

The oldest glasswork in the museum was in the Collection of Germanic Glass.  They span three centuries of glassmaking from northern European regions encompassing modern day Germany, Austria and Poland.      

Loved this modern piece of art.  There was a whole gallery of modern glass art where we were not allowed to take photos.

From the museum brochure, " Bergstrom-Mahler Museum holds one of the finest and most representative collections of glass paperweights in the world.  Many of the paperweights are antique weights from the collection of museum founder, Evangeline Bergstrom, the wife of paper entrepreneur John Nelson Bergstrom.  Our collection of over 2,300 objects includes antique, 19th century weights crafted by Classic French makers, glassmakers of other European areas and the United States in addition to the contemporary weights made by artist from around the world."

This weight was 10" to 12" in diameter.

From the brochure, "Victorian Era Glass Baskets 1830's - early 1900's.  In addition to the paperweight collection, Mrs. Bergstrom also began our collection of Victorian Glass Baskets.  After substantial gifts from patrons Marjorie Seybold and Judson Fowler, this collection grew to 102 pieces."

Looking down into the weight, you see multiple reflections of the design.

Looking at it from the side you can see how the design sets in the middle of the weight.

Love the flamework designs of this artist.

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