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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Paper Discovery Center - Appleton, WI

I had no clue dung could be used to make paper.

No that's one large roll of paper.


Now it's time to make paper so we're off to the lab

First we look at a wall of examples to see what we would like our paper to look like.
We can choose from office waste or Sunday comics.  Then we choose a couple slips of colored paper to give the paper an overall color and a design feature if we wanted.

Oh so many choices.  Nolan picks Sunday comics, added blue paper and an "N".   I chose office waste, a pink color and glitter.

First we tore all the paper into 1" squares and put the squares in the cup.  We filled the cups with water.

Water and paper went into the blender.

How your paper looks depends a lot on how long you blend it.  We each chose 15 seconds.

The blended mixture was poured onto a screen with boxed edges.
We shook the boxes a little to try to get the pulp to spread out evenly.

Nolan's mixture after draining off water.

Mine after draining off water.

Mine with box removed.

Nolan's with box removed.

Then we put a fine screen over the top of the paper and sponged off as much water as we could.

Then we removed the screens....

put on some absorbent cloth called couch...

carefully put a board on top and pushed down as hard as we could.

Well that's as much water as we could manually get out of it so it's off to...

the press that could put on a lot more pressure to get the water out.

Out of the press and onto the hot press.  I think the temperature was 275 degrees F
Our completed paper.  From this photo you can't see the details of Nolan's "N" or the sprinkles in mine but they're there.

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