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Friday, June 27, 2014

Blue Ridge Parkway

This is The Quarry Overlook. Elev. 2170.  JoAnn and I have rode most of the parkway on motorcycles in the past, but finished it up in our car.   

JoAnn did the driving, I took the pictures and posted on this blog about our day.

Saw this plant a lot.  It's a Allegheny Chinkapin. 

This is the flowery "tassel" on it. 

JoAnn likes the curves.  Taking them 20 mph over the suggested speed.

Came up on a slow riding motorcyclist.

But could see why the driver was going slow. The passenger didn't like his helmet and was taking it off once in a while and scratching his head. 

Started to rain.

JoAnn was wondering where the corn was.

We are now higher then the clouds.  Was a great drive.  Temp got down to 69 degrees.  Once off the parkway the temp went up to 85 degrees and very humid.   

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