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Friday, September 13, 2013

Cal Expo RV Show

We got two Complimentary tickets to see the RV show from the campground.  Saw this sign on the way thought this was a good idea.

But it would cost $10. for parking so we walked the 4 mile round trip. 

This is a 2014 Montana.  At least it had the TV in the right place.  Across from the recliners.  Not many do.

Thought this was an interesting closet. 

But not made for anyone over 6 ft.  Would have to duck to get into the bathroom and to get into the shower.  Also a lot of RVs have a non opening skylight in the shower.

Different Montana floor plan.  Check out where JoAnn's feet are.  Would be a pain cooking not being able to get closer.

I'm sitting in the recliner to watch the TV.

Different unit.  Sitting in the recliner to watch the TV.  Check out the skylight.

Different unit.  Sorry didn't write down all the names.  The TV goes down into the cabinet.  We noticed a lot of RVs don't have a desk for the computer and printer like ours has.

Dishwasher.  Lots of RVs with them.   Same goes for fire places.   

This 5th wheel had the bedroom in the back and the living in the front.   

It also had dual sinks in the bathroom area that was a walk through to the bedroom.

This is a 2013 Allegro Bus.  45 ft long.  Price is $355,000.  

Here I am in the driver's seat.  Has 450 HP.
The driver and passenger seat really isn't all that comfortable on the back.  Needs lumber support.  Our 13 year old truck's seats are more comfortable.
Had to be careful coming in not to hit the corner of the TV over the driver and passenger seat. 
Looking back to the bedroom.
JoAnn called this the guest bathroom since it was located just past the kitchen but before going into the bedroom.
Bedroom and into the next room is another bathroom with shower and a garden tub.
The shower door would hit the toilet.  In time would scratch it unless one would put some soft protection on the shower door.  JoAnn didn't like that you had to step into the shower and didn't like the garden tub.   This was the biggest shower we saw. 
Onto another room.  It was the laundry room.  See washer/dry to the left and was also the closet.  Had a safe in the wall. 
This was a 5th wheel trailer.  Columbus by Palomino.

Had the bedroom in the back and living room up front.  Nice other then instead of this opening, cabinets would be nicer.  The trailer needed more of them.

I liked the recliners and that the TV was across from me.

Looking down into the kitchen/dining room.  Has a residential   refrigerator.

We thought we had a small oven.  This one was even smaller then ours.

Was fun looking at the RVs.  But didn't see anything we liked over the one we have.  Check out the colors.  Red, white and blue. 


Nan said...

I'll take the Tiffin Allegro Bus! Of course I'm a bit prejudiced. It is fun to compare, isn't it.

Curl's RV Rental and hauling, L.L.C. said...

This looks great! You definitely know what you're doing! :)