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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Tale of two Faucets

 Kitchen faucet is called Price Pfister.   It replaced one that came with the trailer a few years back.  Cold water just a small amount coming out. Contacted faucet manufacturer, they sent a free cartridge. Wasn't the problem when I dug into it

Had some calcium pieces. I tried to remove it but they fell apart. When JoAnn was home for lunch she put a towel over the opening of the faucet and I went outside and turn on the water for a second. Lots of pieces of calcium on the towel. Did it again and only two pieces.

Put the faucet back together and good to go.


 Second faucet. Bathroom. Have had it since we have owned the trailer. Huntington Brass. After a couple of years the faucet was leaking at the base. Contacted the company and they sent out a free cartridge. Was good to go. This fall it started leaking around the base again. Huntington Brass sent out another free cartridge. Didn't do anything. Called the company. They asked for my email address and sent out pictures of three faucets. Was told to pick the one we like the best and they would send it to us free of charge.
As you can see I have plenty of room which to work in on taking out the old faucet and installing the new faucet in our 5th wheel trailer. 

I had to remove the door and drawers. 

One of the many nice things about living at Sunscape is being able to use some of the tools.  Like this trouble light. 

A lot of the work was by feel only. 

Had to run to Home Depot to get the flex lines and some connections to make it work.  I used 12 inch flex lines but maybe 16 inch would have been better. 

New bath faucet installed.  Not bad for free.  Other then the flex hose and connections.  But still was a pain to take out the old one and put in this one. 

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