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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hiking and other stuff

Battery Point Lighthouse.  Been here before.  In fact some friends of ours did tours in it. 

Plant life near the beach.

Really had only planned on staying in this area for a week.  But stayed longer.  Hiking and doing other stuff. 

JoAnn running bare foot on the sand.  She said it's HOT!!!

Looked for "treasures".

Lots of driftwood huts.

This bird had a long beak.  Would poke it in the sand for food.

Birds out on the rock.  Can see one is drying out its wings.

JoAnn sitting on a rock watching the waves come in.

And over the rocks.

Doing lots of hiking in the woods.  Temps here are excellent. 

Located near Klamath, CA.  Might have to click on it to read it.

This is located in the campground we are staying at.

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