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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Walk-thru Tree

We found this walk-thru Redwood stump at Mystic Forest RV Park by Klamath, CA.  It was in the tent section.  There's a drive-thru tree just down that road that you pay $5 to drive through or $1 to walk through.

It's tall enough for Nolan to walk through.

It's actually a very tall stump.  If you go in it and look up, you can see the trees leaved out over it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nolan and JoAnn,

Love your blog and the amazing pictures. It would be very nice if you could include information on the camp sites you visit, along with recommendations, and also the cities your sites are close to, available amenities, etc.

I am looking to start full-timing in 2015 and would love to plan out my first year on the road. So any help would be appreciated.