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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Victoria Bug Zoo

OK, we know this is a kid's thing to do but it was very interesting and we enjoyed it.  Kinda pricy though.  Look at the fee categories.  What a hoot!

The zoo consists of two rooms of bug-filled displays and two people displaying and describing some of the animals.  We got a kick out of watching the kids.  Some really wanted to hold the bugs and some ran to the back of the pack.

This describes the bug in the next photo.

Nolan is holding up his finger so you can see how large it is.

Not all the creatures were let out of their cages.

We saw lots of these while walking in Florida.

I got to visit with this one.

Scarab Beetles.  Looks like they are trying to make more beetles.

This is a huge Rhino Beetle.  See how big it is in comparison with the orange slices?

This was quite the display that took up two walls of one of the rooms.  There was a large case containing a leafy branch.  It was covered by ants cutting out pieces of leaves.

A tube led from it to a wall of enclosures for each colony.

The wall of enclosures and another container containing a branch.

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