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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mount Washington

Mount Washington is a mountain on the eastern edge of the Vancouver Island Ranges.  The mountain was named after Rear Admiral John Washington, official Hydrographer, British Royal Navy, by Captain Richards while charting the West Coast in the 1860s.  Mount Washington is 5217' high and offers scenic chair lifts and hiking trails to visitors. 
The snow here is often deeper than anywhere else in British Columbia, and occasionally deeper than anywhere else in the world! That was Mt. Washington's claim to fame in late 1995. Try as they might, no matter where the staff called, no one could beat the 21 feet of snowpack that kept falling and falling.   We took the chair lift to the top, a very long ways up.
One tree below the lift was decorated with bras and another was decorated with colorful tinsel.
Some of the inukshuks looked like cairns...
and some looked like little guys.  The big guy is standing behind so you have some idea of the side of these inukshuks.
This area had definitely been logged.

Views of the Strait of Georgia.

The lift house at the top of the mountain.  There were a number of lifts but this was the only one in operation.

Our friends had been here many times and they knew that some of the birds would come to you if you had treats for them.  Look closely at the tree trunk and you can see the bird called "gray jay".  The Gray Jay, also Grey Jay, Canada Jay or Whiskey Jack, is a member of the crow and jay family found in the boreal forests across North America north to the tree-line and in subalpine forests of the Rocky Mountains south to New Mexico and Arizona.

Our friends brought raisins and let me try to feed the birds.  This one wasn't sure...

But he eventually jumped on my hand.  I had three birds land on my hand.

The Pacific Ocean is on the other side of these mountains.

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