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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Anacortes, WA to Sidney, BC Ferry

We have friends on Vancouver Island, BC that we wanted to visit so we took the Washington State Ferry Chelan from Anacortes, WA to Sidney, BC.  Here the ferry is coming in to dock while we are waiting to get on in Anacortes. 

Nolan drove our car onto one of the lower side levels of the ferry.  There was one big parking area in the middle of the ferry and two shorter parking areas on each side. Once on the ferry we were allowed to leave our vehicles and go to a huge lounge area with vending machines, restrooms and a Duty-Free store on the third level.

The ferry was parked between these large piers which were covered in birds.  Notice how they are nesting on every level.

Notice the young birds still looking furry.

It was a cloudy day as we left the pier.

This is another ferry we met.  Notice the cars on the lowest level. 

A full view.

Our red car sticks out on the level where we were located.

As we left Anacortes the boat turned so our car was heading backwards so this is looking forward from the lower middle section of the ferry.  The turn was made because more vehicles were loading in Friday Harbor.

Coming into Friday Harbor, WA on San Juan Island.

Oversized vehicle parking in the middle of the ferry.

Motorcycles parked in the side lower levels.

When we left Friday Harbor the boat went traveled so the vehicles were once again traveling forward.

Looking out the back.

We were in and out of fog so the ferry slowed and blew its horn so that the smaller boats knew it was coming.

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