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Friday, May 03, 2013

Zion National Park - Kolob Canyon

Kolob Canyon is the north section of Zion National Park.

The first good view in Kolob Canyon
A zoomed in view.

Sign that identifies the peaks.
The next two photos show the same view as the sign.
Our first attempt at a self portrait
We decided it was time to hike a trail.
The trail started off gravel and then turned into sand, rock and sections of wood as erosion barriers.
Then we came to this section that looks like it's really muddy when wet.   The park has made 5' square x 12" tall raised platforms made of wood and mud.  There were 20 of them and I bet they make a huge difference when it is muddy.
There's a 6" gap between platforms so the water can move through.

Views from the trail

There's still snow in the ravines of those mountains.  Of course it did snow in some of the higher elevations in Utah a few days ago.

Tree-lined ravine.

Nolan did some flower sniffing.

View from the end of the trail.
This lizard was a real poser.  Most run and hide as soon as they see or hear you.  This guy stuck around and Nolan got a lot of photos of him.


Brian Head Utah said...

Beautiful!!!!! Awesome to look at and enjoy one of God's creations.....

Brian Head Utah

zionriverresortzion said...

Zion National Park in Utah was the very first National Park I ever visited. Today, when I think of Zion National Park, I remember not only an incredible silent stream of stars, but also my two favorite hiking trails.

RV Park in Zion