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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area Visitor Center at the Flaming Gorge Dam. 

There are free tours of the dam but they haven't started for the summer yet.   This is a hydroelectric dam.

Looking away from the dam and toward the lake.

We crossed the dam to walk some of the Little Hole Trail.

It was a steep walk down to the river.

Fishermen had put in just under the dam to fish as they floated toward Little Hole.

We walked down to the river then back toward the dam.

Some of the boardwalk was loose and moved around as we crossed.

There was a cable crossing the lake with this cable car on our side.  Too bad it was locked down.  I wanted a ride.

The dam from the end of our walk by the boat launch.

We had to walk up the hill to the parking lot.

We sure hoped this rock didn't fall on us as we went under it.

Back on the road, we headed back south on Hwy 191.  We crossed over a bridge that spanned one arm of the lake.  You can just see it in this photo. 

Zoomed in photo of the bridge.

We headed north on UT44 toward Manila but stopped by the Red Canyon Visitor Center to walk the Canyon Rim Trail.

Looking over Red Canyon

You would think I could tell all the plants apart with all the traveling we have done but I'm still trying.

Douglas Fir

Ponderosa Pine

So is this a Douglas Fir?  It looks so different from the other tree.  Maybe it's just the amount of needles on the tree that make it look different.

View from another overlook.  You can see one of the other overlooks we stood on to the upper left.

I had never see a marmot before today.  This was the second and smaller of the two.

Not sure what these flowers are called.

This tree had grown in a pile of rocks and took them with it when it fell over.

Check out this scat and the that in the next photo.
They were different sizes.  I didn't know if they were deer, rabbit or moose.  Actually I've seen moose scat before and I think it is bigger than this.

We continued north on UT44 and came to this view of Flaming Gorge Lake.

We were headed to this road hoping to see sheep.

You can see how the formations are tilted.

Those stupid sheep didn't hang around the wildlife viewing areas like they were supposed to so we didn't see any.  LOL

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