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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ireland Trip - Dublin Castle

This is the coach house.  Dublin Castle was established by King John of England in 1204 a.d.   This Norman Castle was built within the south-east corner of the pre-existingViking town, which had been founded in the 10th century at the junction of the River Liffey and the River Poddle.

This photo, shot from the middle of Dubhlinn Gardens, shows part of the Record Tower and the building that contains the Revenue Museum. 

Colorful modern buildings attached to parts of the older castle and Octogonal Tower.

Once again facial sculptures flank the windows.

Double-click to enlarge for reading.

Corner Tower

Cork Hill gate is where we exited the castle ground.  The scuplture on top looks like Lady Justice with a sword and scales.

The other gate had a Roman?? soldier.  We didn't take the tour so I didn't get the details.

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