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Monday, July 30, 2012

Ireland Trip - Dingle Peninsula

View along Dingle Bay on the North Atlantic coast.

The next four photos are a panoramic view from left to right from a scenic viewpoint.

A closer view of the scenery in the above photo.

A closer view of the scenery in the above photo.

This was the only fence we saw where the stones were placed vertically.

Notice how narrow this road is.

We stopped at Clogherhead Strand because we read that there were stones here that had an design like a map.  We didn't find any of them.  Dang tourists must have picked them all up!

What we did find were these aqua blue rocks.  Very unusual color.  I took a small pebble this color home with me.

View of the North Atlantic on the other side of the peninsula continues in next two photos.

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