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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ireland Trip - Avalon House Hostel in Dublin

Avalon House, the hostel Jolene and I stayed at in Dublin.  The hostel entrance is actually on the side (behind the car).  There is a cafe in the front.  Our room was on the first floor although we would call it the second floor here in the states.  The window in the room is located directly above the AA sign above the cafe entrance.

Our room was small but it did the job.  I rented a wheelchair to get around since I had knee surgery 6 1/2 weeks before the trip.  The wheelchair ended up behind the door.  I am standing in the doorway.  We rented a private room with its own bathroom.  Only my checked bag arrived with us so I did some clothes sharing with my sis to get her through the night and next day.
The bathroom was dinky.  Of all the lodging we stayed at while in Ireland, only one had a normal sized sink.  Most were small like this one.  The white outlet above the sink was only for shavers.  None of the places we stayed at had electrical hookups in the bathroom for a hair dryer.  This room and one other had an exhaust fan.   You would think there would be more in a humid climate like this one.   Anyway, when you sat on this "throne", your feet were in the shower.

The view to the left our our window.   It overlooked the alley.

The view to the right out our window.  All the city buses were double decker.  Not all had a place for a wheelchair.  When we took the bus back to the airport to pick up our rental car, we waited over 40 minutes for a handicap bus to pull up.  Double-click this photo and check out the vegetation growing out of the chimneys across the road.

Avalon House had computer available so people could get online.  We used them to email family.  Compare the keyboard to the one you are used to.  I know I wasn't hitting the keys right since some of the ones like @ and / are in different places.

Oh, in case you didn't know, the electric is different in Ireland (and many other countries).  This is what the outlet looks like and I don't think I saw one that you couldn't turn off at the outlet.

Avalon House water fountain.   Weirdest looking water fountain I've every seen!   Only one we saw like this in Ireland. 
All the heat registers we saw in Ireland were flat like this.  I guess I did see one that was a double thickness.

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