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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ireland Trip - Around Dublin

This is St. Ann's Church.  It is at the end of a street so it's a great view as you walk toward it.

You can see some of the details better in this photo.

Just a street scene with a pretty flower display.

An interesting building.

This is the building next to the hostel - the one right outside our window although what we could see was the side to the left of this photo.  It's a Carmelite Church.  The bells would ring on the hour.  But 6 p.m. was 18:00 so the bell would ring 18 times.

Aungier Street just north of the hostel.  Like how the cars are parked? 

The flowers on these two buildings were beautiful.

The old church that is now used as a visitor information center.

Just look at the staircases running from the first floor to the sidewalk.  Cool!

Jolene (in her yellow rain coat - you're going to see a lot of it) at a post office.  I guess green is for the post because they were all painted green.

Another look at one of the double-decker city buses.

The River Liffey and the Ha' Penny Bridge.   It got it's name because the toll in times past was a half penny.  It was mostly stairs leading up to the peak and stairs leading down so we didn't go on it.  We are standing on the Millennium Bridge.

Looking upstream from the Millennium Bridge.

Jolene enjoying the view from the Millennium Bridge.

The riverwalk hung out over the north side of the river.  We walked along it up to the O'Connell Street Bridge.

After crossing back to the other side of the Liffey, we went to a pub.  While there we both visited the wc.   Look at that tank mounted clear by the ceiling.  A real water closet.

Jolene's first Guiness in Ireland.  Of course I was drinking water.   Jolene said the Guiness was a lot better in Ireland.

We walked through St. Stephen's Green in the rain.   The park is beautiful.

Flowers in St. Stephen's Green.

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