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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hike from Snowy Peaks

We walked north from the campground because we heard there was some public land there. First we climbed to the top of a hill then discovered we were on private land and we left.

We found the public land and wandered down to the river just as some rafts went by. They went through this 10' gap between the rocks.

To get to the river we had come through this slit in the rocks.

While we were watching the rafters, this little chipmunk was watching us.

The slot through the rocks was just a deer trail so there was a lot of brush to walk through.

The narrowest place.

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Stephanie Conrad said...

wow love all the pictures and comments. made me feel like i was with you. Sept not enough pictures of you guys. but thanks for sharing and keep them coming.. all is well here a little hot but i am starting to like it. make sure if you come this way again to stop in and say howdy..