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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bishop's Castle

We visited Bishop's Castle on Hwy 165 in southern Colorado twelve years ago. One man is building this castle. You can find more info at www.bishopscastle.net. Anyway we wanted to see what had changed. He's putting a moat around the front side and erecting towers over it. There are new towers on the castle and a ladder leading to a bridge to one of them. As soon as I get the old photos I have saved on a portable hard drive, I will be able to better determine what is new.

The first photo was taken from the road. This one is closer up and needs combined with the next one to get a view of the whole castle.

Twelve years ago I climbed to the highest point but the tower is higher now. I climbed up to the base of the ball on top of the middle tower this time.
The upper floor has a see-through roof.

I did walk the iron balcony all the way around.

The castle is cool but the views driving there are spectacular.

There were several curves as depicted on the sign.

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