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Friday, January 08, 2010

January 2, 2010 Ride

The temperature got to 70° so we went out for a ride. You can see alfalfa growing in the fields by the side of the road. There are berms of sand every so often so they can flood different sections to irrigate them.
We decided to ride the Florence-Kelvin Hwy starting just south of Florence. You can see here that we got out of the agricultural area and into more natural plant growth.
I love this kind of area much better than the agricultural area. One good thing about it is that the dust doesn't blow as bad here. We were only about 25 miles from our trailer at this point.
But all good things some to an end.
But the gravel/dirt road was wide and hard packed so off we went.
We only went about 2 miles before we turned around. It was getting narrower and curvier.
Nolan just loves this tree and I'm sure he will get a closer photo of it sometime.

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