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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

First Washington Motorcycle Ride

Well we finally got the motorcycles out on the roads. First time since Tucson that we had ridden. This is Alder Lake on Hwy 7 by Elbe, WA.
Nolan finally got the chance to take a photo of an unloaded logging truck! It was on the highway and we were standing at a pullout so he had to take the photo fast. Didn't quite get all of it but close.
We saw this sign by Elbe too.
Another look at Alder Lake.

This LaGrande Dam... well it's hard to see because the trees are tall. But anyway it dams the Nisqually river to make Alder Lake. The dam was built in 1945.
Looking downriver from the dam.
As we continued up Hwy 7 we came around a corner to see this wonderful view of Mt Rainer. The trees wouldn't have been so much in front of it if I had managed to stop faster.
Had to get a close up.
Just one of the many Christmas tree farms in the area.

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