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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Working hard

I just thought I would include some photos from Harmony Lakeside RV Park. First is a blurry photo of one of the bald eagles that nest in the creek that runs up one side of the park. We wouldn't notice the eagles if the crows and hawks wouldn't make so much noise when one of them is nearby.

There are lots of bees on the flowers we are trimming. So far they haven't bothered us even when we cut off the branch where they are foraging for nectar.

They really get their heads down into those flowers!

This is the lawn mower and trailer that we use to haul around the gardening tools and the 5 gallon buckets we use to haul stuff. The lawn mower is an old one with the blades removed.

The maintenance man will pull this trailer down to the gardens so we can fill it.

Just some examples of our trimming jobs. This bush had suckers and smaller plants all around it until Nolan cleared it out.

This rhododendron was so full of dead and crisscrossed branches that it couldn't get air so lots of moss grew on the branches.

This green shrub used to have lots of branches on the ground.

We've cleared a bunch of stuff out of this path. The ground cover just about crossed the path when we started. The maintenance guy is going to spray all the weeds in the paths.

This path has the ground cover trimmed back on the right side to about 1/2 way down the section.

Nolan hard at work!

The owner uses this tractor to bring the trailer down. It's a 1957 and is in wonderful shape.

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