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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rouge River, OR

Quite the mural as we enter Rouge River.
We went to the Palmerton Arboretum to see the names of some of the local flora. The trees weren't individually marked but this sign had the trees numbered so you could look up the name.
Course we had already seen magnolia trees. The first one I remember seeing was in San Antonio, Texas.
Well this wasn't marked but I'm assuming it is a rose.

A bridge crossed a river to another part of the park.

Halfway over the bridge, Nolan spotted this rope swing where people could swing into the river and a ladder where they could climb back out.
This cherry tree was beautiful.
Close-up of the flowers.
There was also a duck pond in the park. I believe these are wood ducks.
Eastern Redbud trees can be seen a lot in this area.

Dogwood tree.

These flowering bushes surrounded the base of two black walnut trees but we don't know what they are called.

We entered Rouge River over this bridge. It was built in 2005 and is the fourth bridge to span the river in this spot.
The next few photos of the information panels tell you about the other three.

Ducks gathered under the bridge. I knew they were around before I saw them because of the poop all over the park.

These two are just floating around.

In another spot these ducks were feeding. Notice the "mohawk" on the black duck.
This pretty flowering tree was in the park but I don't know what it is called.

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