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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coronado National Memorial

You may have heard of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado in your school day history classes but I bet you can't remember what he did, or didn't do. It all started when four shipwrecked Spaniards aimlessly wandered through the Southwest for eight years. The castaways finally stumbled into Mexico and reported seeing Cities of Gold.

That's quite a trip they made!
We elected to drive up to the top of Montezuma Pass. It's a narrow, unpaved, windy road to the top.
Only part of the way up but you can see the road we've already traveled on down below.

We went real slow on those one lane turns!
Still not quite at the top. If you enlarge this photo by double clicking it, you can see a dark, straight line that goes from the hill on the right then off toward the middle of the photo. That's the US/Mexican border. Yep this park is right on the border.
We drove to the parking lot then climbed some of the way up the peak before coming back down.

The trip down the road was as exciting as the trip up. It's the same road but this photo shows how it twists and turns.

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