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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Tucson Mountain Park Hike

This is where we parked for the previous hike and we had one more hike we wanted to do out of here so we came back today to do it.
We wanted to hike to this rock on the hill. It wasn't easy finding the trail and we ended up cross-country-ing to the bottom of the rock.
We made it to the bottom of the rock. There was a small cave behind where I am standing. It was a nice shady place to take a break and catch my breath.
As we hiked around the bottom of the rock, we saw this saguaro growing out of the rocks. There are two even smaller saguaros growing just over the top of the big one and to the left. You will have to enlarge the photo to see them.
This is the view as we climbed to the top.

If you go back to the first photo of the rock on the hill, you can see small ones caught in the middle. We tried valiantly to keep them in place.
From the top of the rock, we looked east and could see some of Tucson in the distance.

Another view from the rock.

We then went back down the hill and found the trail to that saddle in the east so we could see what was over the hill.

Well there's a lot more park between the saddle and Tucson
Then we hiked to the south and looked over another saddle.

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