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Thursday, January 29, 2009

36th Street Trailhead

We headed off to go hike in Tucson Mountain park but we went a different way and ended up finding a different trailhead.
From the parking lot we could see this interesting building on top the hill.

Course that's where we wanted to go. The trails in this area of the park are for vehicles.

This last part of the climb to the bulding was steep and rocky.
The stairs going to the second story were in fine shape but most of the roof was gone. It had a nice fireplace.
Nolan found this door step concrete that said the site was homesteaded on April 21, 1928 with a signature that we couldn't read.
From here we could see the parking lot and our little red car.
Then we climbed a higher hill and looked down at the little home on the first hill.
See how wide the trail is?
Nolan wanted to climb this hill but we don't have any mountain climbing equipment.
We were appalled at the amount of trash and broken glass that covered the ground.

Just look at all the glass around this prickly pear cactus!

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