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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Sweet Creek Trail

Fall colors are starting to pop.

Headed down Sweet Creek Trail.  Beautiful morning. This trail is located out of Mapleton, Oregon.  This is, so far my favorite hike.  

The trail is only 1.9 miles one way and runs along side the creek.  Outside temperature was 56 degrees.  Beautiful.

Maple leaf and JoAnn's hand for size difference.

Lots of waterfalls on this trail.  Photos do not do it justice.

Great boardwalk in areas.

A few steps, but overall very easy trail.

This falls is near the end of the trail.  Loved the temperature and the falls.  So many falls.

This spider was located in the bushes by the parking lot.  Was the size of a half dollar coin. Legs included.  Have a couple names for it.  Garden Spider, Cat-faced Spider, Orb Weaver.  

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