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Saturday, October 05, 2019

Sand Dunes Road

Took a ride out to the South Jetty. 

One side of the road this, the other side hills to climb over to the to the beach.

USCG out on the Siuslaw River.  Have a base up the river.

Parked the car at the South Jetty and hiked to the beach.

Wild path.

Made it to the beach.  Was a nice warm cloudy day.

Where the Siuslaw River meets the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, we are on the jetty.  As you remember from reading another post there are ten different species of seagulls.  How many different ones do you see here? 

Lots of fisherman out on boats.  On the other side of the river.

Heading back.  Ocean to the right, river to the left.

Waves coming up the river.

Was told that guys and gals surf on the waves coming up the river.  That would be cool to see.

This is the reason all the fisherman were on the other side of the river.  Would love to come out here when it is stormy weather to see how high the waves are coming in.

This road took us back to the car.  Yes should have gone this way over the hills to the beach.  But still was fun going the other way.

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