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Friday, October 11, 2019

Sutton Creek Trail

Another beautiful day for a hike.  Have done several others but like this one. Although Sweet Creek is the best.

These blooms out in the winter.  They are called Coast Silk Tassel. No blooming right now of course, still just fall here. 

Just a scenery shot.  Past the dunes is the Pacific Ocean.  Could hear the surf. 

This is a shot of the Sea Lion Cave Building. 

Closer view.

Even closer view.  Foggy.  Not smoke.

This is not for just this trail, but any trail.

Scenery shot.  Only saw two other people hiking.  Otherwise had the trail to ourselves.  Lots of tree rats and chipmunks running around.  Lots of different birds and saw lots of gardener snakes.

Another photo of Sutton Creek.  Beautiful isn't it?

Back to the car.  The hike was two and one half hours.

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