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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Summer 2019

Car loaded up and headed out July 12.  Planned to leave the end of May, but I (Nolan) had some health issues and we had to leave later. 

Lost Wages, NV.  Raining.  Automatic windshield wipers is something we have never had on a vehicle before.  Kind of interesting.

Leaving Las Vegas.   Was nice to drive on the HOV lane.  A lot faster.

BMW 3i Electric car.  Pretty cool, except the price.  

Out of the city and into the country.  Way better. 

Atomic Inn in Beatty, NV.  The front looks like a regular motel, but has these other buildings in the back.  Reminded us of Army barracks.

Four motel rooms per building.  Was 100 degrees outside, went into the room and the a/c wasn't on.  They knew we were coming, so would have been nice to have the a/c on when we got there.  Took almost five hours of the a/c being on to be comfortable in the room for sleeping. 

Not sure what mountain range this was.

Coming into Reno, NV.  Lots of shipping buildings.  This is only one, there are two more the same size behind this one. 

On Highway 395, thirty miles out of Reno in California, the traffic came to a stand still.  Was able to move up once in a while a few car lengths. This biker thought he was "special." 

Fifty minutes later came around a corner and saw this helicopter. 

Saw lots of fire trucks and CHP vehicles.  What was a fire on both sides of the highway.  

Still working on a lot of hot spots.  Once through, the vehicles waiting on the oncoming traffic lane were almost three miles long.   

Eagle Lake.  Nice area. 

Located in Bieber, CA.  The windows were open in our room.  Was nice and cool outside.  Motel room needed some deep cleaning.  Nice eatery across the street called The Old Mill Grill. 

Mt. Shasta.

With the car get six months of "free" XM Radio.  In the trees and hills lost the signal.  Had to turn the radio off.  

Love the green!!!

Made it to where we will be staying in Depoe Bay, Oregon.  A little closer to the 101 then we want to be, but all we could find for the price we wanted to pay.  No traffic at this photo, but it is loud when vehicles do go by.

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