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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Otter Crest Loop

There weren't any close hiking trails so we walked the Otter Crest Loop. 

This is at the Ben Jones Bridge Viewpoint.

Also at the Ben Jones Bridge Viewpoint.

Ben Jones Bridge.

Waves crashing into the rocks.

Could watch this for hours.

Lots of crows in this area.

Seals in Whale's Cove.

Another photo of the seals.

JoAnn and I have been here before.

Saw lots of whales feeding when out walking. 

The USGC was out in full force in this area.  Would see them fly over several times a day and evening. 

This one was on a rescue of four people in the water.  Was told two people were pulled out of the water.  Was hovering, looking for the other two.  Was a USCG boat near by also looking.   

Just hovering over the water.  When this helicopter left to take the two to the hospital, two other USGC Helicopters showed up and were moving around the area for 30 minutes before they left.  Hope they found the other two people.

Further out photo of the USGC helicopter hovering over the ocean.

View located near the Devil's Punchbowl.

The Devil's Punchbowl.

Watching the waves come crashing in.

Guy on a surfboard.

Can't remember the name of these birds.  If you know, put it in the comment section.

Out in a Kayak.

Just another beautiful view.

As I said before, we saw lots of whales feeding.  Theses are the best photos from the loop we walked on.


Can see the tail in this one. 

This is a whale watching boat.  Good to use if one wants to see whales up close. 

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