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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bella Cove Rental

This rental is located south of Depoe Bay, Oregon. We weren't able to use the garage.  Stayed here 16 days/nights.

Stairs up to the rental.

Front door, deck off to the left.

Washer/dryer in closet to the right of front door.   

Stairs to second level.  Through door to kitchen/dining room.

However first we will go down the hall of the main floor to the bathroom.

Shower and jet bath.  We didn't use this.

Only bedroom on main floor.  Check out the bedroom door.  Is glass with a shade in it.  Have never seen that in a house before. 

Back into the hallway this door with glass in it leads to the living room.  The door to the left is a closet under the stairs.

Living room.  The fireplace was wood burning.  It was cleaned out of ash.  We never used it but could still smell smoke from the last person who did.

Living room with BIG TV.  Didn't have as many cable channels as the other rentals.  Had to move the chairs to see the TV.

Kitchen.  Can see another glass door on the other side. Liked the walk through kitchen.  Refrigerator/freezer made a sound of a distant foghorn. 

Dining room.  No shades on any of the windows on the west and south side.   JoAnn thought up an idea to block the sun with a tote and lid on the dining room table for the computer and used the telescope with a small blanket over it to keep the sun off of us when reading and watching TV.

Deck.  Had a few windy days and the wind moved the lighter colored chairs around.

Another view of the deck.

Stairs leading to the second level.

Upstairs bathroom.

Do not understand why people like these type of sinks. 

Interesting shower.  At least the rain shower is tall enough for me. (Nolan) 

Second Bedroom.

Third bedroom.  JoAnn is 5' 7", so you can see how high this bed is.  We didn't use this one. 

This reminded me of the Winchester House.  Window to the left is in the second bedroom.  Also has a shade on it.  Window on the right is outside with no window shade on it. 

Had a couple of cold mornings where we had to break down and turn the heat on.  Just to 66 degrees. 
Had a few sunsets, but still had some clouds.

Another evening.

Fishermen out in the mornings.

We were heading out to go hiking and JoAnn saw this snake sunning itself one cool morning. 
On our last day at the rental we had this visitor.

Was very friendly and liked to be petted.

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