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Saturday, September 01, 2018

Hiking in Siuslaw National Forest

When in Lincoln City Oregon, we would drive down NE East Devils Lake Road to get to the national forest.  Park somewhere and walk the road or any road off of the main forest road.

Way better then the beach.

Big slug next to JoAnn's shoe.

This looks like a thistle with a dandelion growing out of the top.  Have never seen anything like this before.

No idea what the yellow thing is either.

This turkey vulture was waiting for me to pass out on one of our hikes.

We found fish bones on the road.  Can't see bears or birds doing this.  We were a long ways from Devil's Lake and the ocean. 

See JoAnn?  I'm (Nolan) huffing and puffing up the hill.  Doesn't look it but it had to be a 7% grade. 

JoAnn driving us to a new area on a different day.

Lots of these little roads off of the main forest road.  We hiked many of these.

Was disappointed to see things like this.

Shelter out in the middle of nowhere.

Cool looking snake. 

It's a garter snake.  Have never seen a red headed one before.

More trash on a different hike.

Little waterfall.

The waterfall was falling down this hill but you really can't see it in this photo. 

Close up view of Devil's Lake and the ocean from one of the forest service roads.

A little farther out view of Devils Lake and the ocean. 

This is the Forest Service road off of Bear Creek Road. 

Guy was cutting the brush from the shoulder and part of the ditch.  Saw him several times on this road when we were driving to a place to hike. 

Hiking on the forest road.

See Bigfoot?

Love the green.

Just another view.  Also just kidding about Bigfoot.  Did hear some strange noises in the woods once in a while, but never saw any big critters.

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