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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Horseshoe Bend

The path to Horseshoe Bend by Page, AZ

The view from the top of the hill.  The orange rock all around this area is Navajo Sandstone, the largest sandstone layer in the United States.  Composed of  sand dunes from the Jurassic age, it stretches from Northern Arizona to Wyoming.  At up to 2000 feet thick, the sandstone is very strong as a whole, using the compression of its own weight to hold it together.  But there are places where the sandstone is not strong: the exposed rocks on the top and sides.  

Approaching the edge of the cliff.

The Colorado in Glen Canyon makes a 270 degree curve in an entrenched meander.  Water flows in on the right and out on the left. 

Boats on the river look mighty small from here.

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