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Friday, August 09, 2013

Washington Park on Fidalgo Island

We spent several days walking in Washington Park, an Anacortes park on the water.  This memorial is to the man that donated the land.

There are a lot of unmarked trails in the park.

Everyday there was varying degrees of fog. 

Still foggy out there.

The park is a large hill so all the trails go up and down.  There are ravines along the coast that you have to go through or around.

We saw boat traffic of all kinds.

There's a one-way loop road/path around the park that both vehicles, bikes and walkers use.  Not the best situation.  We tried to stay off of it.

I pointed to this rock and said, "A fuzzy rock".  Nolan looked at it and saw something totally different.  Do you see what he saw?

Doesn't that look like snow?  It was some white plants that were hard and brittle.

There are a lot of live trees along the coast that are just barely hanging on to the shore.  This one lost its battle.

You could always hear the ferry boats blowing their fog horns.

You think this path is overgrown?

What about this one?
Doesn't get much worse than this one.  That spot of purple you see is my shirt and I'm less than 10' into the trail.

We spent some time along the sea shore.  Not sure what these are called.

Whatever they are, this is what they look like on the inside.

I was nice and put him back.

We scrambled up and down the rocks and boulders along the shore.

Back to the main trail.

Just about stepped on the one slug as it crossed the path. It was straddling the leave so I picked it up and moved it over by another slug.  Had to put my lip balm down so you could see the size.  As you can see, they're not big slugs.

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