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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Mt Baker

Mount Baker is one of the highest spots in WA. 

Our first stop was Nooksack Falls.

These falls were beautiful!  There were actually three falls at this point.  If you look to the left, you can see where the third falls comes around to join the middle one. 

Another stream came in from the right to join the falls.

Top of the falls from the bridge.

This huge pipeline was by the parking area.  Think it might be a water diversion pipe.

If Mount Shuksan wasn't in the clouds it would be reflected in this pond.

This it the trail we took at the end of the road.

Some people had brought up a sled and were having a blast in the snow.

One paved path was actually still covered completely by snow.

Actually, so was the main trail in several places.  Everyone just went over the snow.

We went up quite a ways to get to the top of the hill where we could see both Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan.

The snow was pink in areas.  We thought it was because some of the rock in the area was red but it's really some red algae that live in the snow.  Ice worms feed on this "watermelon snow".

Mt. Baker trying to peak out of the clouds.  This was a zoomed in view.
This is what it looked like from where we stood.

Mt. Shuksan was closer and you could see glaciers on it when the clouds cleared.

Zoomed in a little.

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