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Friday, August 30, 2013

Fern Canyon

Fern Canyon - doesn't that sound like a place you would like to go?  It's part of Prairie Creek Redwood State Park.  It's along the Northern California coast.  You have to go through some of Redwoods National Park to get to it.  The road was a very curvy, and at times very steep, gravel/packed-dirt road.  Fern Canyon was the location for some of the filming of Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World.

What a hoot!  The road was already 1 1/2 lanes wide with pullouts.  It went to 1 lane wide in places.

The sun made the areas of shade and light intense so it was hard to see the condition of the road.

The we got to the actual park, flashed our National Park Pass at the ranger and headed down a much wider and straighter road.

This is one of three water crossings we had to make to get to Fern Canyon.  This picture doesn't begin to show the steepness of the sides.  I was just hoping I didn't tear off the front of the car.  Took it so slow that it didn't touch the banks.

One of the signs had info on the different vegetation we would see.

This sign points out where we were.

Lady Fern

Sword Fern

Five Finger Fern

So we walked up the creek and into the canyon.  We had to climb over a bit of debris along the way.

There were planks across the water in most places but some, we just waded across.

There's a lot of dripping water where the moss is growing.

From the canyon we wondered up the Coast Trail for a while then hiked out to the water.  Remember when I said we did some wading in the creek?  Well my shoes were wet when we got to the sand so it really accumulated on them.

The fog was moving in on us so we knew we had to hightail it south before we lost our way.

We kept seeing seals pop their heads out of the water but we never got a good photo.

Our tracks in the sand.  See how many more steps I have to take to keep up with Nolan.  Mine are the steps on the left.

There's the parking lot.  Whew!  We aren't lost.

Finally we cut back up across the dunes and headed toward the parking lot.

Our little red car waiting for us at the end of the trail.

Another view of the largest water hole we had to cross.

Looking back.

Passing the ranger shack to leave the park.

You know the trees are close to the road when they have reflectors on them.

Yeah, we're safe again.  Oh, you can't read the "tsumami" above the Hazard Zone.

Manys the time we had to duck into a turn out to make room for another vehicle.

On the way back north on the Newton B. Drury Parkway we stopped to see the Corkscrew Tree.

There was a short trail to the tree.

I just thought the sun shining through this tree was beautiful.

Closer view.
OK, the tree is too big for one photo so I took a bunch as I moved around the tree.

The bridge over the Klamath River is guarded by two golden bears at each end.

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