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Sunday, June 23, 2013

HDT, Hitchhiker trailer and Smart Car

I am a member of the Hitchhiker forum.  Whenever we move to a different campground I post where we are and for how long.  Lots of other Hitchhiker owners do the same.  Got a private message from a couple who was in the area the same as us.  Was even better, he has a "little" truck like us.  Only his is a 2004 Volvo 780.   

This is their car.  It's a Smart Car.

The Smart car sets on the back of the HDT, sideways, when they travel.  They told us they get a lot of people who drive along side of them on four lane roads taking pictures.  Some not so bad when it's the passenger taking the picture, but very scary when the driver is. 

This is their cat Cindy, doing what most cats to.  Ignoring me when I want to take its picture.  But Cindy is a friendly cat.  So I got my cat fix for a while.  They do have a dog too, but I like cats over dogs.
 (Posted by Nolan)  

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