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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Earthquake Lake Geologic Area

Read each one of these photos for the story.  You may have to click on the photo to enlarge it for reading.

Just up the road from the first information spot is another called "The Lake That Tilted".  This is a segment of old Hwy 287.
The information panel there told the stories of some of the people in the area.

There were two paths to walk.  First we went down "A Leap Just in Time".
The walk was down a part of the old road to where a landslide had taken out a cabin and a section of the road.

The path to the other story panel was new.
You can see track from the old road to the Hilgard Resort.

One cabin was in the water and you could see the remains of others on land.
Nolan had to check out the double sided outhouse.

More information from the panel.

I saw one of the canals before we got to the panel and I had wondered about it.

The next stop along the road was called "Refuge Point".

We walked a ways down the trail and could see the top of one cabin in the grass on the other side of the river.

The Visitor Center was being remodeled so it was closed.
It's cool looking windowed area looked out over the landslide.

On the way back I got this photo of the earthen dam that held up through the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! Very informational as well. Seems like a great trip! I definitely need to visit.

Greg Samuels