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Monday, July 18, 2011

Peek A Boo Gulch ATV Ride

The owner of the park we are working at this summer often organizes ATV rides into the mountains. He has a spare 2-up ATV and invited us to come along on this ride. Here we are lined up to hit the trail. There were 10 ATVs and 14 people on this trip.

I'm ready to go. This was the only Arctic Cat ATV. All the rest were Polaris.

Our first stop along the way.

Looking back our boss is right behind us.

We followed this river up the canyon and it got smaller and smaller as we went.

Just a scenery shot but you can see the trail on the right.

Another shot of the ATVs lined up at the first stop.

We saw these flowering bushes that looked just like the potentilla bushes we had around our condo. I asked one of the locals what it was called and she looked it up in a book . It called them Cinquefoil plants. Once we got home I looked it up and the latin name for Cinquefoil plants are potentilla diversifolia. So they are potentilla.

The trail split into three branches here.

I didn't learn what this building at the junction was supposed to be but it was posted No Trespassing.

In one small area we saw these plants. The gals with the books thought they were called Elk Grass.

Closeup of the Elk Grass flowers.
We came to a place with three switchbacks going up the hillside.

The people behind us on the trail.

On the top trail now.

Just a scenery shot but you can see the trail leading into the distance.

There were some nice falls in the creek along the road.

Lots of wildflowers. In the foreground are some columbines.

Looking behind us.

Where we were heading.

Water running down the hills to the west.
Getting closer to the end of the canyon. You can just see the trail off to the left.
Probably the largest water crossing.

Getting turned around at the end of the road.
Red Mountain at the end of the road.
Just looking around as we waited for everyone to get turned around.

More flower sniffin'

I really thought we were going to get rained on at this point.

On the way up the trail we had seen this abandoned house with two old vehicles. We stopped here for lunch and explored the area. There are actually four old cars. Some people went exploring further to the old mine.

Lunch break.

We had to cross the stream to get to the abandoned house. Yes it's quite a bit smaller than it is further down the trail.

Just scenery as we headed back.


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