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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

North on the Tahoe Rim Trail

The last time we took Hwy 50 up to Spooner Summit I noticed this odd looking tree. Then I realized it was a cell phone antenna.
The start of all three of our Tahoe Rim Trail hikes.
This time we walked up the Tahoe Rim Trail and we were way above Spooner Lake. We did get a few glimpses of Lake Tahoe too. The trail started out really wide but it narrowed down. It was also real dusty like the other times we have hiked.

At the first viewpoint we stopped for a rest. I found a chair, or should I say throne. Most of the hilltops had jumbles of stones like these.
Nolan enjoying the view.
The view.
The second viewpoint showed us Hwy 50 and the Carson Valley.
I think this plant is commonly called pussy paws.
Found this sitting on a log about 45 minutes up the trail. We hauled it back down and threw it in the trash. The plastic bag was bad enough to have in the forest but who know if the substance within was dangerous to animals - besides humans.


steph said...

oh my i know what that is

Anonymous said...

Good Lord delivers treats in many ways.