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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort

Our home for this summer. This is a beautiful area but it take manuevering a 9 mile curvy road to get here. When I first came around the corner and saw the lake, I thought "how beautiful". Then I realized that it was Loon Lake and it would be our home for the summer.
The Lodge is about 100' above the lake with camping on the next level down then another level down to get to a small dock. The small dog is Daisy. She belongs to the managers.

To the right of the lodge is the gas station. I don't know if someone will be out managing it this summer.
To the left is the manager's house then this 6-room motel.
When you enter the lodge, you can go straight through to the deck. You see some of the lake if you stand out there but mostly you just see trees.
If you walk out onto the deck and look back, this is what you see.
If you look to the right once you re-enter the lodge, you will see the check in desk/cashier and some of the store.
More of the store. The opposite end of the lodge houses a restaurant.

Once out of the lodge and back to the road, you drive or walk 1/2 mile down to the main part of the resort. Since I will be working at the lodge, I will be walking back and forth so I'll be getting some exercise.
At the bottom of the hill you see two cottages to the left, then the bathhouse and a cabin.
After you get past the cottages and look to the left, you can see the main rv parking area. Of course the blue spot is our truck. All the RV's so far belong to workampers.

Our site. We had to put up the external wi-fi antenna and card to pull in the park wi-fi.
Across the way from us are five cabins.
Looking back toward the road and the lake.
Another look at the bathhouses. The showers are great because you have your own room.
Walking down to the lake you pass by some lakeside rv sites on the way to the dock.
To the left is the swimming area with the boat ramp to the right of it. To the right of the boat ramp is the dock.
The dock has a snack shack and a fuel pump.
For rent are paddleboats,
fishing boats,
This ??? maybe fishing platform? and kayaks.

While we were exploring the resort, we found the yurts that can be rented,
and some tent sites.
From those tent sites, we found a trail down to a dack at lakeside.
There are many houses on the other side of the lake and we don't think there is a road to them. They have to drive their car to our side of the lake and take their boats across.

When we got back to our trailer, this domestic bunny was hanging around out trailer. I guess he's been hanging around here for a while.

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