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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Depoe Bay, Oregon

How Depoe Bay got started.

We stayed at Trollers Lodge in Apartment #3 for 29 days/nights.

There were three little apartments in this building.  Other buildings have either apartments or motel rooms.

This was one of the properties for sale we wanted to look at.  Condos.  But they were to close to Highway 101.  They did over look the ocean.

This is the other side of the condos.  One garage per unit.

Little bay with lots of wildlife.  See them all?

Canadian Geese.

Harbor Seals.

Seagulls and Cormorants

My friend Rolf and his friend Autumn came from Portland for the day.  I had contacted him and three other people we know from the area about hooking up.  

Had dinner here.  Was excellent.

This bigger building started out as a rest area and now is a whale watching information and watching center.  Lots of whales here, but didn't get any good photos for posting.

This guy had a great day of crabbing.  You can see these are WAY bigger then the one the seagull got. 

The owner of this boat came in, unloaded his boat of fish.  Threw a good sized piece of fish into the water at a seal.

The seal looked at the fish and like a spoiled child decided it didn't want it, slapped the water with it's flipper.  The fisherman looked at the seal then walked away.  Like a parent saying, "If you don't want it, I'm not giving you anything else." 

People going out to whale watch.

Not sure what these are called.  If you know let me know in the comments.

USCG came in through the narrows.

Pirate in front of a coffee shop. 

This pirate isn't looking to good.  

Nice looking Chevy Camaro.  Lots of sports cars in this area.  But the drivers sure are slow in the curves.  We get stuck behind a lot of them.   

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