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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Condo and Siletz Bay Park

After leaving Depoe Bay we moved up to Lincoln City, stayed in this condo starting on August 12. We had made the rental agreement back in July before we left Arizona.  Wasn't much choice for rentals in this area.  We were on the third floor second sliding glass/deck from the left.  VERY noisy from traffic of the 101.

This is the condo complex.  We had hoped our unit would be more to the left. 

Sliding glass door with no screen.

Bird poo on the deck.

Bedroom window.   No air conditioning.  Close window and sliding door, quieter but warmer.  Open window and sliding glass door cooler but very noisy from the 101.

Internet never worked.  Had missing parts stolen from the last renter(s).  Rental company wanted us to piggyback onto another rental condo unit.  The internet was slow to limited.  The rental company didn't have any idea when they could get someone in to fix the problem with the internet in the unit we were renting.  Due to the noise and no internet, we asked for a refund.  Got it on days/nights we hadn't stayed here.  We checked out after four nights of being here and went home. 

This was the view from the condo, Siletz Bay Park.  Tide is in.

Tide is out.  There is a river that runs through called the Siletz River.

Go this shot when the sun was going down.

Information to read at the gazebo.  Will have to double click the photo.

Was amazed there are 10 different species of gulls.

One of the 10 species of seagulls.

Lots of people out clamming, but also read these could be Ghost shrimp holes.

Heading south.  This is by Yachats, Oregon.  The pizza place is in what use to be an old gas station. 

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