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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Heading to the rental

JoAnn and I were able to bug out of the heat in Arizona on July 9. The owner of this car decided JoAnn was taking to long to pass a semi truck/trailer and went between us and the trailer.  If JoAnn hadn't hit the brakes, we would have been involved in an accident with this moron. 

Had CHP come onto I-5 in Bakersfield, California.  He swerved back and forth between the two lanes.  

Slowing traffic down.

To a stop where he got off his motorcycle and picked up three pieces of wood this size before getting on his motorcycle and taking off. 

Saw this interesting Mini Cooper.  Check out the rear doors. 

Mount Shasta

Not good.  Someone's motorhome burned to the ground.  Car didn't fair well either.

Fire was out along the California Oregon border.  Had nothing to do with the motorhome fire.

Burned across the interstate.

JoAnn and I don't like the two speed limits in California.  Anything with three axles or more speed limit is 55 mph.  Everyone else 65 to 70 mph.  Also didn't understand why the far left lane wasn't being used.

No, not in Arizona, but in Oregon.

Interesting intersection.

One trailer would be enough for me.

The rental house near Otis, Oregon where we stayed a month.  Little shed in front of our car has the washer/dryer.

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